ZoomEssence, Inc. (Zoom) announced that Dr. Jason Li has joined its research & development team as the director of process technology. Dr. Li will focus on further development and broader application of Zoom's patented low-temperature process technology called Zooming®. Through the elimination of heat, Zooming® creates custom flavors bursting with aroma and taste in powder form for leading food and beverage brands.

"Dr. Li is an accomplished scientist with significant experience in all aspects of ingredient delivery systems, including encapsulation, carrier materials, and emulsification," explained Dr. Charles Beetz, Zoom's chief scientist. "We anticipate Jason will have an immediate impact on future developments of our patented Zooming® low-temperature drying process as well as other low-temperature process opportunities."

Dr. Li joins Zoom from Ingredion, Inc. where he held the title global technical leader for delivery systems and was responsible for guiding research efforts in emulsifiers, encapsulation, and pharmaceutical excipients. Dr. Li's experience also includes an assignment in China as Ingredion's head of greater China technology. 

"Dr. Li's experience and skill-set are ideally suited to drive the continued development of our low-temperature process technologies," commented Robert Corbett, Zoom's CEO. "Eliminating heat is key to our Zooming® drying process, allowing our powder flavors to deliver unparalleled aroma and taste. Our goal is to expand our ability to reduce the impact of heat across a range of ingredients further enhancing the quality and efficiency of our powder flavors which is critical for brands that believe taste matters."

Dr. Li earned a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in physics from Peking University in China. He also holds a doctoral degree in polymer science from Stony Brook University in New York. He did his postdoctoral work on colloidal systems at Exxon.