Cousin to ginger root, Turmeric, the beneficial cooking ingredient long valued for its color, anti-inflammatory properties and ability to aid digestion, was a relative late-comer to the US market. Today it holds a prominent place in many of our kitchens, adding flavor complexity and goodness to soups and other savory recipes.

Bigelow Tea added two new creations to its 2018 tea line up:

Bigelow Matcha Green Tea with Turmeric 
Unique, earthy blend of matcha, green tea and turmeric with a peppery finish

Bigelow Ginger Peach Turmeric Herbal Tea 
Invigorating blend of ginger and peach with a spicy kick

Family-owned Bigelow Tea, known for bringing quality teas to market since 1945, is committed to fresh, creative and flavorful tea innovations.

Packaged in 18-count boxes, the suggested retail price is $3.19.