Drinkfinity® introduced Charge Coffee Infusion Pods. No more hour-long waits for cold brew or pouring ice over steaming hot coffee—instead, "Peel, Pop and Shake" to combine dry and liquid ingredients with water, add creamer (if you would like) and take your chilled coffee blend on-the-go in a sleek, reusable and BPA-free Drinkfinity Vessel.

New Drinkfinity Coffee Infusion Pod flavors Americano Charge and Cinnamon Americano Charge are a twist on coffee shop favorites and deliver an entirely new iced coffee experience. Containing two espresso shots (143mg of caffeine*) from Colombian coffee for a jolt of energy, the flavors are also free of artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners. Americano Charge is entirely unsweetened while Cinnamon Americano Charge contains cinnamon and is sweetened with cane sugar and stevia leaf.

The full lineup of Drinkfinity Pods are categorized into four 'modes,' including Charge with caffeine, Flow with vitamins or fiber, Renew with sports-drink levels of electrolytes and Chill with botanicals, designed to fit people's multifaceted needs for a personalized beverage throughout their day. Drinkfinity now offers 16 unique flavor blends which are made up of dry and liquid ingredients like chia seeds, ginger root extract and concentrated fruit juices. Drinkfinity Pods use approximately 65% less plastic than a 20-ounce ready-to-drink beverage bottle.

The Drinkfinity Charge Coffee Infusion Pods cost $1.63 a "pop" and come in packs of four (for $6.50), and the Drinkfinity Vessel retails for $20.00. All Drinkfinity flavors can be purchased exclusively at www.drinkfinity.com.

*Two espresso shots typically contain 128mg caffeine; Drinkfinity Coffee Infusion Pods contain 143mg of caffeine.