Crystal Geyser Water Company, in a new partnership with Intelligent Blends, announces that the award-winning Tejava iced tea is now available in single serve pods. Tejava is a 100% all-natural, unsweetened black tea, made entirely from handpicked tea leaves from the island of Java, Indonesia. Intelligent Blends is a manufacturer of single serve pods, committed to creating premium beverages in this rapidly growing market. In 2016, over 30% of U.S. households reported owning a single serve brewer.  This new partnership will allow Tejava to enter this expanding market and provide consumers with a new convenient way to enjoy Tejava tea hot or cold.

Once again, the Tejava brand has shown its commitment to high quality by continuing to push innovation and product development. Roast Master of Intelligent Blends Jeff McIntosh added, "Working with the people at Tejava, collaborating on these new tea blends has been nothing short of an incredible process.  I'm personally very excited to see how the tea community reacts to this new easy use method."

The Tejava tea pods are available online at and will be available through other retailers by the end of 2017.  Tejava will continue to be sold in the popular 12-ounce and 1-Liter glass containers and PET plastic bottles.