Ronnoco, a complete beverage solutions provider for convenience store, foodservice, office customers in more than 30 states, announced the release of its energizing Fall beverage line.
New products include:

Vita Jolt Vitamin Enhanced Coffee
• Each cup provides a nutrition boost along with healthy energy from natural sources
Super energy: healthy energy from green tea extract with no sugar crash
Super nutrients: nutrient boost with 15 vitamins and minerals including A, B-Complex, C, D3 and E
Super coffee: supports nutrition, heart health and memory in just one cup

House Estate Blend Coffee
• A new exquisite blend of single origin coffees from Ethiopia and Costa Rica that have a rich aroma and a smooth body with a clean aftertaste and subtle sweetness

Fair Trade Organic French Roast Coffee
• Sweet, rich aroma and a pleasing smoky-spicy flavor with a smooth finish
• Fair Trade ensures that farmers and workers get a fair deal for their hard work. This means better prices and wages, safe working conditions, environmental protection, and additional Community Development Premiums to invest in much needed projects like education, health care and clean water