PLT Health Solutions will use this year’s SupplySide West, Booth #2863, to showcase a high protein beverage showcasing the unique properties and benefits of Artesa Chickpea Protein.

You've made the decision to go with plant protein in your product. But if you're like most people, you've struggled with the issues they present in formulating a great product—particularly at higher protein levels. Without added sweeteners or masking agents, the taste doesn't compare to whey. 

We can help. 

Artesa Chickpea Protein was developed from the ground up with taste and other sensory characteristics in mind. That means you can focus on the nutritional aspects of your formulation while delivering leaner, cleaner labels. We've developed beverage and powder formulations that don't rely on sweeteners or masking agents to deliver great taste.

Size, Distribution—Matters!

Take a look at the comparison graphic of particle size between Artesa and a leading yellow pea protein. Artesa has a much smaller, but just as importantly, a much more uniform particle size. That means in beverage formulations, Artesa goes into solution easier—and stays there for longer—including the benefit of easy re-suspension with a gentle shake. With Artesa, consumers won't leave most of their protein at the bottom of the bottle.

Closest Taste & Appearance to Whey

If you're in sports nutrition, you've been using whey protein for years. We want to help you capitalize on the plant-based nutrition boom that's sweeping the industry. Artesa Chickpea Protein has in-formulation and organoleptic features that closely track those of whey protein.

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