Glanbia Nutritionals’ expertise in flavors and proteins has enabled the company to create a problem-solving protein product that is unparalleled in the marketplace.

Glanbia’s new EasyFlav™ Whey optimizes flavor delivery and improves nutrition in whey protein systems. The flavor technology neutralizes the off-notes typically found in protein to provide a clean, consistent flavor while enhancing the nutritional profile

Well known for its flavor neutralizing capabilities in vegetable proteins, EasyFlav™ flavor technology has now been specifically developed for whey protein systems for use in health and wellness and sports nutrition applications. By replacing the traditional carbohydrate core with added protein and a stable flavor, EasyFlav™ Whey delivers a protein-filled product with a clean label, which delivers maximum nutrition. As well as increased protein content, it allows for up to 30% reduction of carbohydrate for a pure, nutritious product. This enables formulators to achieve higher protein levels with an appealing taste – previously challenging due to the bitter, cardboard notes a high protein content would typically generate.

EasyFlav™ Whey serves as one, easy to use streamlined solution and it eliminates the need for separate protein and flavor solutions. This saves development time, removes the need to manage multiple suppliers and surmounts the challenges traditionally found in protein formulation. The technology is also customizable—enabling formulators to tailor the flavor to meet customers’ needs.

“The new EasyFlav™ Whey flavor technology is an exciting development for food manufacturers looking to include high levels of whey protein alongside a consistent, appealing flavor,” says Grace Cahalane, Director of R&D, Glanbia Nutritionals. “Every protein varies in flavor, so we have created EasyFlav™ Whey to tailor flavor systems to whey proteins and ensure complementary flavor profiles.”

She continues, “By combining Glanbia Nutritionals’ long heritage in dairy and molecular understanding of proteins with our flavor expertise, we are uniquely positioned to address key challenges in protein innovation. Plus, because Glanbia Nutritionals has full supply chain control, customers can be sure that the combination of our protein and flavor source will deliver a consistently flavored, delicious tasting, nutritious protein.”

EasyFlav™ represents an enormous step forward for protein and flavor technology and represents Glanbia Nutritionals’ commitment to finding opportunities that help customers succeed. The company achieves this by ensuring quality and consistency throughout the global supply chain, and constantly innovating by bringing together expertise from a range of food science disciplines—including chemists, flavor scientists and logistics—to create complete solutions that maintain Glanbia’s market leading position.

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