Prepared Foods takes a look at new better-for-you foods, drinks and supplements introduced in November 2018.


Sparkling Botanicals

This May saw Petal, Highland Park, Ill., introduce three organic sparkling botanical blends featuring rose water.

Officials say Petal uses only the finest botanical essences and extracts in its first trio of organic sparkling blends: Original Rose, Mint Rose and Lychee Rose. The slim, 12-ounce cans have been available in upscale supermarkets and specialty stores throughout Chicago. The beverages sell individually for $2.29 and also are available in 12-packs. 

Petal was started by South African born and Chicago bred female entrepreneur Candice Crane. Crane says she remembers sipping rose petal tea every afternoon with her grandmother. 

“As a consumer, I recently saw rose water trending in the beauty industry, and I had a vision to create a hydrating, sparkling botanical beverage to give others the same experience my grandmother gave me,” says Crane. “I sourced the most premium, organic roses to create Petal. Bringing the Petal brand to life allows me to share the powerful benefits of drinking rose water with the world. It’s time to stop and sip the roses.”

The beverage brand boasts zero calories, zero sugar and no caffeine. Petal says it uses both stevia and erythritol for natural sweetening.

Steaz Co-Founder Eric Schnell is an advisor to Petal. Schnell’s new agency, BeyondBrands, New York, N.Y., supported Petal’s summertime launch and helped promote the brand at the BevNET Live Summer event and Natural Products Expo East.



Fody Food Co., Montreal, said it has started distributing its low FODMAP foods to all Sprouts Farmers Market locations across the United States. The line include low FODMAP snacks, sauces, kitchen staples, dressings and marinades. 

The full line includes salsas, snack bars, trail mixes, sauces, condiments, dressings and seasonings.

“Awareness of the low FODMAP diet is growing exponentially and helping many of those suffering from IBS begin to live symptom-free lives,” said Steven J. Singer, Fody CEO. “We are thrilled to play a role in bringing relief to the IBS community, including our fantastic partnership with Sprouts that will allow customers with IBS and other digestive issues enjoy the incredible benefits of the low FODMAP diet and Fody Foods.” 

All Fody products are certified by Monash University, creators of the low FODMAP diet. Singer says the products are made with high-quality non-GMO ingredients, and are also free from gluten and lactose. 

Sprouts joins HyVee and Wegman’s in offering Fody’s low FODMAP products at retail locations. Fody products are also available for purchase at 


Award Winner

Barlean’s, Ferndale, Wash., said its Omega Pals collection of Omega-3 + eye protection supplements was selected as the NEXTY 2018 Best New Natural Kid’s Product by industry judges this September at Natural Products Expo East.  

Each of the four Seriously Delicious Omega Pals contains 500mg to 750mg of Omega-3s to help children as young as one year old with proper brain and eye development. Officials says Omega Pals products are emulsified for superior absorption, are sugar free, and have a creamy liquid texture and sweet fruity taste. 

Omega Pals Hooty Fruity Tangerine offers 500mg of Omega-3 EPA/DHA (from fish oil) per serving, plus Lutemax 2020 (a branded ingredient) Lutein and Zeaxanthin. Lutemax 2020 has been shown to help protect eyes against harmful blue light from digital device use and to protect eyes from oxidative damage. It is sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and non-GMO.

“In today’s digital age, vision deterioration is no longer exclusive to seniors,” says John Puckett, CEO of Barlean’s. “We’ve long known that Omega-3s are critical for proper brain development in children, and that we continue to need Omega-3s through life to old age. But the need for protection from blue light exposure is a new issue, and it’s a very real threat.”

Other varieties, Omega Pals Chirpin’ Slurpin’ Lemonade and Lip Smackin’ Citrus, offer 540 and 750mg of Omega-3 EPA/DHA (from fish oil) per serving, respectively. Both are sugar free, dairy free, gluten free and non-GMO.

Omega Pals Straw-Nana provides a plant-based Omega-3 alternative, with 1,483mg of Omega-3 ALA from flax oil. It is sugar free, dairy free, gluten free, vegan and non-GMO.

Originally appeared in the November, 2018 issue of Prepared Foods as Form + Function.