Prepared Foods takes a look at new better-for-you foods, drinks and supplements introduced in November 2019.


Matcha + More

This summer saw Jade Leaf Matcha, Seattle, introduce Matcha Latte Infusions.

“We started seeing our customers posting different healthy additions they were mixing into their matcha lattes on Instagram,” said co-founder, Marc St Raymond. “A few of these ingredients we would see over and over again—collagen, turmeric, functional mushrooms—which got us thinking, how do we make this easier for our customers?”

Varieties include:

Glow: with collagen & biotin, this infusion supports healthy skin, hair and nails, as well as organ and tissue health.

Protect: brings together ayurvedic herbs, such as turmeric for its powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Additional herbs include ginger, cardamom, cinnamon and black pepper, which add flavor and nutrients to support digestion.

Think: this blends lion’s mane and cordyceps, functional mushrooms that support brain health, cognitive function, energy and focus. Pure ginger root adds delicious flavor and supports digestion.

Balance: incorporates probiotics and prebiotics that can survive heat and stomach acid to support digestive and immune health. Pure ginger root adds flavor and supports digestion.

Each of the new Matcha Latte Infusions are available on – sold in packs of 10ct for $14.95, and 30ct for $39.95. They are also available on Amazon, Walmart and in select retailers—sold in seven-count packs for $12.99.


Functional Snacks

Tyson Foods, Inc., Springdale, Ark., introduced Pact, a line of refrigerated protein snacks with a variety of functional benefits.

“Consumers are looking for delicious, convenient foods to deliver essential protein and other functional benefits,” says Noelle O’Mara, group president of Prepared Foods for Tyson Foods. “As one of the largest food companies in the world and a leader in protein, we are in a strong position to capture that demand as we continue to innovate with exciting new products like Pact.” 

Pact Snack Bites are available in four varieties using an array of ingredient combinations created to deliver both flavor and function:

Gut Instinct – Cranberry + Kombucha Probiotic Snack Bites – Made with green banana flour, cranberries and kombucha for a fruity and tart flavor. Benefits include 1 billion live cultures, 3g prebiotics, 9g protein and 4g fiber.

Gut Ahead – Turmeric + Ginger Prebiotic Snack Bites – Made with green banana flour, ginger and turmeric for a savory and spice-forward flavor. Benefits include 1 billion live cultures, 3g prebiotics, 8g protein and 4g fiber.

Vibe On – Mint Matcha + Blueberry Energizing Snack Bites – Made with wild blueberries, peppermint oil and matcha for an aromatic and slightly sweet flavor. Benefits include 1000mg omega-3, 55mg magnesium, 9g protein and 3g fiber.

Glow With It – Cocoa + Coconut Collagen Snack Bites – Made with coconut flakes, cocoa and collagen protein for a rich, yet sweet flavor. Benefits include 750mg omega-3, 950mg grape seed oil, 10g protein and 3g fiber.


Vegan Gummies

Walmart Inc., Bentonville, Ark., introduced Glow Habit, collection of vegan gummy supplements developed with a registered dietician and nutritionist to support wellness for hair, skin, sleep and digestion.

“The Glow Habit team is obsessed with beauty and wellness,” said Anne Talley, one of the brand’s creators, “and our mission is to make high quality, effective and truly enjoyable products accessible to everyone. We are excited to start with this line of affordable beauty supplements.”

Debuting as Good Skin Habit, Sleep Well Habit, Happy Hair Habit and Probiotic Habit, the supplements start at $9 for a month’s supply and feature some of the leading wellness ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, biotin, sea buckthorn, silica from bamboo extract, and vitamins C and E. Further, all supplements have been intentionally formulated without artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, gluten, soy or synthetic colors.

“My clients are becoming increasingly more educated and concerned about the beauty impacts of what they put inside their body,” says Molly Knauer, MS, RD. “Our external appearance, like skin and hair, can often be a mirror of what’s going on inside. Working together with Glow Habit, it was important to create formulas that were easy to understand and included key ingredients that were backed by research.” 

In addition to using key ingredients that have been supported by research, Glow Habit’s gummies are one of the most cost-effective offerings on the market. Compared to supplements found at leading beauty retailers, consumers can expect to save 30% or more on Glow Habit beauty supplements, Walmart says.

Glow Habit Vegan Gummy Supplements are available exclusively at,, and in select Walmart stores.