Frieda’s Specialty Produce, known for spotting trends like plant-based protein and turmeric, released its predictions for 2019.
Here goes:

1.      Popability - Bite size has been trending, from candy to crackers.  Now it’s hit produce well beyond berries. Including teeny tiny tomatoes, baby brussels sprouts, cape gooseberries and our line of Frieda’s kumquats, mandarinquats and limequats.
2.      Unicorn kissed cooking- The unicorn craze has made eating by color even hotter and produce is front and center, a source of natural color. Freshly juiced turmeric smoothies, baked goods with persimmon glaze, roasted rainbow carrots and curry.
3.      Produce as the “protein”- Consumers putting hearty, nutrient-dense vegetables at the center of the plate, making them the star of the meal. In fact, meat has become the garnish--think shaved beef jerky on top of ramen. Try veggie ceviche, staring beets and jicama, not seafood.  Jackfruit serves as the “protein” in tacos.
4.      Vegetables for dessert - Move over chocolate and apples, vegetables are ready to take center stage when it comes to desserts. Think avocado or corn ice cream. Our Thanksgiving tables featured butternut squash tarte Tatin and Stokes Purple® sweet potato pie. 
5.      The dragon awakens- Dragonfruit is on fire.  Predicted for 2018, it’s become a staple in fruit salads with merchandising in fresh-cut. It’s in beverages too! Varietals are multiplying--red, white and yellow -- all sun kissed with freckles. What’s next in tropical?  Watch for guanabana.