Authenticity, Regionality

Last fall brought food editors to Raleigh, N.C., for the International Foodservice Editorial Council. One special presentation featured Ardent Mills’ Chef Jason Gronlund, who also serves as technical sales manager, foodservice, The Annex. Chef Jason created Pozole de Trigo, a traditional dish from the Sonora region of Mexico. Pozole usually features hominy corn, but in rural Sonora, wheat Pozole, or Pozole de Trigo is the local version and features regional Sonora wheat. Chef Gronlund’s Pozole de Trigo showcased Ardent Mills’ White Sonora Wheat, which was a staple wheat in the US during the 1700s and 1800s, and today is enjoying a rediscovery. Ardent Mills also featured White Sonora Wheat flour tortillas in a dish of Multigrain Chilaquiles with IQF Red Quinoa and IQF Great Plains Quinoa at the 2018 IFT Show.

—Ardent Mills,

Top Flavor Trends

Tastepoint by IFF released its top 10 new food and drink flavors for 2019 and more than half involve flavors popular in other ethnic cuisines. Mintel survey research shows approximately 55% of US consumers are interested in African flavors at restaurants and 32% would like to see more African flavors in retail seasonings. Those figures have a lot to do with berbere’s quick climb among the trend ranks. This Ethiopian spice blend includes chili peppers, garlic, ginger and basil, among other ingredients. Traditionally used to season beef, chicken, lentils, eggplant and stews, berbere is a novel way to turn up the heat for consumers seeking the latest in bold flavor innovation. Tastepoint’s other top trending new flavors include dates; ghee; lemongrass; miso; and Rooibos, or red bush tea, which is indigenous to South Africa.

—Tastepoint by IFF,

Sriracha Lime

Multicultural consumers crave globally inspired bold flavors with an affinity to spicy directions. One on-trend flavor pairing is Sriracha Lime according to Comax Flavors. Sun-ripened, spicy chili pepper is balanced to perfection with vinegar, subtle garlic nuances and a pinch of salt topped with a burst of fresh squeezed lime. This bold flavor can be used in a variety of applications such as alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, savory products including entrees, snacks, bars, dips, sauces and dressings and baked goods. Learn more about Comax Flavors’ sriracha and lime flavor capabilities.

—Comax Flavors,

Teaching Kitchen

The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) dedicated “The Kikkoman Teaching Kitchen” at the college’s Hyde Park, N.Y., campus. Officials said the move honors a more than 20-year partnership and ongoing mutual commitment to culinary education. The Kikkoman Teaching Kitchen will provide culinary students hands-on learning opportunities encompassing a variety of Asian cuisines and traditions with the support of ongoing donations of Kikkoman’s complete line of authentic Asian sauces. “It is with great privilege we join The Culinary Institute of America in fostering culinary education that allows students to explore Asian flavor,” said Kikkoman Sales USA, Inc. President and CEO, Masanao Shimada. “Kikkoman is grateful for the opportunity to help influence the next generation of industry leaders.” While The Kikkoman Teaching Kitchen will focus on Asian cuisines, the Kikkoman portfolio lends itself as a flavor and ingredient for cuisines the world over. Kikkoman Soy Sauce is the best-selling and most widely recognized brand name of soy sauce in North America, prized for its versatility as a flavor enhancer, sauce and marinade base, and table-top condiment.

—Kikkoman USA,

Latin BBQ Spice Blend

From popular street tacos to tamales, authentic, simple and flavorful Mexican foods have been embraced in the U.S. and, in many cases, accepted as comfort food. Asenzya’s Latin BBQ Spice Blend builds off this heritage with a mouthwatering mix of Hispanic flavors including chimichurri; uniquely citrus and earthy Cochinita Pibil from the Yucatan Peninsula and bright and punchy Salsa Verde. This flavor profile teams best with beef and although it is a dry blend, Asenzya works with all aspects of food and can also apply it to marinades or sauces. 


The Need for Seed

McCormick Flavor Solutions released its 2019 Flavor Forecast and declared “The Need for Seed” as a prime theme for 2019 new product development. Says the company, “Baked seed crackers, seeded buns… they’ve had their day. We invite you to discover less common seeds and experiment with more familiar ones in new ways—like overnight coconut  guava basil seed pudding, Cajun puffed lotus seed snack mix, and gomasio, a Japanese black and white sesame seed seasoning blend. McCormick Flavors also notes that lotus seeds have been a favorite in Asian cuisine and now should be more widely embraced around the world. Enjoyed as a meal or snack. Sub in dried lotus seeds in place of beans in soups and stews for a new taste. When puffed, these crunchy, floral popcorn-like bites can and will shake up any snack routine.

—McCormick Flavor Solutions,

Spark Innovation

Bell Flavors & Fragrances began its fifth year of the Spark trends program and unveiled 10 key trends leading the way to new innovations within the flavor and fragrance industries. The 2019 flavor trends within this years’ Spark program include revisiting the culinary building blocks of America. Flavors will also be explored throughout the expanse of Eastern European cuisines as well as traveling across Africa to discover its cultural flavor traditions. The crossroads of cooking methodologies and ingredients are visited through the indigenous flavors of South America, while Korean cuisine also reaches beyond taste and aroma. Contact Bell to learn more.

—Bell Flavors & Fragrances,

Filipino, Indian Cuisines

Inspired by a popular Filipino condiment, Fuchs North America has created a Filipino Style Banana Ketchup Snack Seasoning. Fuchs joined slightly sweet banana with flavorful tomato, sweet-scented spices, aromatic garlic and a hint of vinegar for a new seasoning suited perfectly for chips, popcorn or nuts. Indian cuisine is brimming with life. It’s fun, colorful, and delivers on big flavors. Fuchs North America’s Chaat Masala (pictured) hits all of the senses. “Not only does our Chaat Masala seasoning deliver a lot of flavor, but it also is incredibly versatile. It’s truly an all-purpose seasoning; it makes a delicious finishing touch for just about everything,” says Shannon Cushen, Fuchs director of marketing.

—Fuchs North America,

Authentic, Ethnic Flavors

Last fall saw Edlong showcase some of its latest dairy and dairy-free innovations as an exhibitor at the Food Technology Summit & Expo México. There were three taste samplings including a vegan dessert based on Speculoos, a spiced shortbread cookie that is popular in Belgium, Holland and Germany. This on-trend, indulgent European flavor profile was presented in both a dairy-free cookie stick and soft ice cream, illustrating the versatility and functionality of the flavors that remain stable both when baking and freezing. Edlong also sampled a vegan Oaxaca cheese that provided authentic taste and texture without any commodity cheese. With heat resistant flavors and masking technology, the company created a plant-based cheese without the rubbery or bland characteristics often found in vegan cheeses.