Nine out of ten Americans have tried Mexican cuisine and are ready for more Latin food adventures, according to a recently conducted consumer survey by Technomic. This gives food manufacturers an opportunity to capitalize on flavors that consumers crave: spicy and bold chili-based sauces, lively pickled escabeches, and infinitely varied dips and salsas.

As a leading supplier of ingredient solutions with fresh-harvest quality, SupHerb Farms R&D and product development teams offer manufacturers the most appetizing ingredients and fresh flavor solutions that allow consumers to experience the authentic taste of Mexico’s regional flavors. 

To learn more about the regional cuisines of Mexico, SupHerb Farms invites food manufacturers to download its “Trend Outlook: Regional Mexican Cuisines” white paper and “Regional Mexican Cuisine” infographic.

Celebrating 25th Anniversary

Separately, SupHerb Farms celebrated its 25th anniversary on May 4th. For the past 25 years, SupHerb Farms has established itself as North America’s preferred supplier of garden-fresh taste and on-trend flavor solutions for food manufacturing customers. 

Celebrating this milestone, SupHerb Farms Marketing Director Peggy Castaldi proudly points to the company’s legacy.

“Flavor isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are,” she says. “Our customers count on us for the freshest, most craveable ingredients with clean labels and unbeatable quality standards.”

SupHerb Farms R&D and product development teams gather inspiration from cuisines throughout the globe and their discoveries influence SupHerb Farm product lines. 

“At SupHerb Farms,” Castaldi continues, “every product is a result of our passion for flavor. From our first product—IQF basil—to our globally inspired Fusions® Blends and Pastes, SupHerb Farms has been committed to meeting and satisfying our customers’ needs and expectations. That dedication results in ongoing innovation, quality products and lasting partnerships with operators and manufacturers.”

Carrying on the SupHerb Farms tradition, company leadership is committed to balancing environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic prosperity to sustain and improve the health of the planet, the viability of the business, and the quality of life for this generation and ones to come. 

For more information about SupHerb Farms capabilities to customize flavor solutions and the company’s IQF Culinary Herbs, Specialty Vegetables, Purées, and Fusions® Blends and Pastes, visit For samples of SupHerb Farms products call 800-787-4372 or request online.