McClure’s Pickles introduced Pickle Snack Packs. Featuring “personal pickles, picked, pecked, packed and ready to party,” each 2.2-ounce package provides an easy way for consumers to enjoy bite-size pickles with McClure’s flavors, including Dill, Sweet and Spicy, and Spicy. 

The Pickle Snack Packs will be available at major retailers and independent grocers nationwide, with a suggested retail price of $2.79. Shoppers looking for a convenient, grab-and-go snack or items for children will be able to find the Snack Packs alongside other McClure’s products on shelf, or atop prepared food bars. 

McClure’s brings the new Lil’ Pickle Snack Packs to market, building on the success of signature SKU’s, such as Garlic Dill, Spicy Dill, Sweet and Spicy and Bread and Butter Pickles. With ease top of mind, the brand introduced the single-serve 2.2-ounce snack packs at a time when convenience and snacking dominates the needs of consumers.