Cargill used one of the nation’s largest functional food and beverage ingredient shows—SupplySide West—to demonstrate how its ingredients function in a variety on tasty, on-trend products. Specifically, Cargill prototypes demonstrated how product developers can craft food and beverages that deliver on consumers’ expectations for great-tasting, reduced-sugar, label-friendly products.

Of particular note, Cargill introduced ClearFlo™, a botanical extract with beneficial flavor properties that aids in the dissolution of stevial glycosides and enhances long-term solubility.

Sugar Reduction

Cargill’s sugar-reduction tools were on full display. EverSweet stevia sweetener teamed up with Cargill’s new ClearFlo botanical extract in a peach tea-flavored energy shot, packed with 150mg of caffeine--with no added sugar necessary. Cargill also sampled carrot breakfast bars, which kept sugar in check with the help of ViaTech stevia leaf extract, erythritol and chicory root fiber.


Pea protein figures prominently in many of the prototypes Cargill sampled. These included a cookie packed with protein and fiber, and a thirst-quenching sports beverage that delivers 18g of protein—with with no added sugars.

Clean Label

For label-friendly formulations, visitors could try a fiber-rich gummy made with simple ingredients such as tapioca syrup, chicory root fiber, pectin and a hint of vegetable juice (for color).

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