Today’s consumers are more drawn to cooking cues such as “toasted,” “cooked,” “sautéed,” and “smoked.” That’s why dairy concentrate specialist, First Choice Ingredients (FCI), has developed and new Toasted Cheese line, which includes Toasted Cheddar and Toasted Parmesan concentrates. 

These natural cheese concentrates are now available in paste and powder form, in a variety of concentration levels.

“Our partners are constantly looking for unique, authentic, on‐trend cheese and dairy ingredients that will take their formulations to the next level. Our Toasted Parmesan and Toasted Cheddar cheese concentrates are the perfect solution because they add a subtle yet impactful layer of complexity to a variety of applications – including soups, sauces, dressings, prepared meals and sides, seasonings, baked goods, and so much more,” says Roger Mullins, FCI vice president and chief operating officer. “From mild flavor nuances like sautéed or caramelized notes to more distinct characteristics like ‘charred’ or ‘burnt,’ our concentrates can boost flavor and give manufacturers the competitive edge their customers are looking for.”

First Choice Toasted Cheddar and Toasted Parmesan cheese concentrates offer cost‐effective alternatives to single‐strength, commodity cheese ingredients. Maximize flavor and cost with natural, Toasted Cheese concentrates from First Choice Ingredients.

First Choice Ingredients

Established in 1994, First Choice Ingredients is a respected manufacturer of functional dairy ingredients. Derived through fermentation and reaction technologies, First Choice dairy concentrates are natural, clean label and costeffective, and are applicable for a variety of food and beverage applications.

For additional information regarding the First Choice Ingredients product portfolio, please contact Sarah Newbauer at or call 262.251.4322.