BlueNalu, a leading innovative food company developing seafood products directly from fish cells, announced the premier culinary demonstration of one of its first commercial products, yellowtail amberjack, prepared with various cooking techniques. Investors and global partners were on hand to witness the successful preparation of the product, which served as a milestone that supports the company’s plans to introduce cell-based seafood in a test market within the next two years.  

During the company’s live product demonstration, BlueNalu corporate chef Gerard Viverito prepared fish tacos, seafood bisque, poke, and kimchi dishes, all using BlueNalu’s yellowtail product, demonstrating four different menu items that reflect dishes from Asia, Europe and North America. Chef Viverito described each recipe in detail to an eager crowd, as well as his experience and enthusiasm working with recipes that span choices on typical restaurant menus from appetizers to a soup to an entree.

Test-market readiness is an essential part of BlueNalu’s plans for commercialization that culminate in large-scale production facilities. Each production facility will meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) guidelines and comply with regulatory requirements determined by the FDA for food production.

With demand for seafood at an all-time high, and supply in an increasingly precarious state, BlueNalu will offer a third option. By complementing the current supplies of wild-caught and farm-raised seafood, BlueNalu’s cellular aquaculture process will reduce pressure on fisheries, benefit human health, reduce animal suffering, encourage responsible food consumption and promote food security. BlueNalu’s goal is to focus on species that are primarily imported or difficult to farm-raise, and work with partners in the seafood industry to bring its product to market.