Naturex has obtained Self-Affirmed GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) designation for its highly bioavailable natural turmeric extract, Turmipure Gold®.

GRAS status is the standard set by the United States Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) for the acceptance of food and beverage ingredients.

In December 2019, a GRAS Expert Panel of independent scientists specially convened to conduct a critical and comprehensive evaluation on the use of Turmipure Gold®, as the criteria for GRAS includes consensus among qualified experts that the data and information establish safe use in food and beverages. The Expert Panel unanimously concluded that Turmipure Gold® is recognized as safe under the conditions of intended use in a wide range of food categories including beverages at both intuitive and effective doses. The panel also stated that it had no questions regarding Turmipure Gold® safe use in food applications, including beverages.

This Expert Panel decision means that Turmipure Gold® can be safely used in a wide range of US food and beverage applications for turmeric extract standardized in curcumin. The ingredient is now authorized for both intuitive and effective daily intake in categories that include beverage and beverage bases, confectionery products, dairy and dairy analogs.

An effective 300mg dose of Turmipure Gold® can now be incorporated in a single functional 2oz shot drink. Because of the ingredient’s increased bioavailability, this single 300mg serving delivers the same amount of curcuminoids to the blood as 1922mg of standard turmeric (containing 95% curcuminoids), allowing food and beverage manufacturers to offer tangible benefits to their consumers.

“We are very pleased to receive the GRAS designation, allowing us to bring the benefits of Turmipure Gold® to the US Food & Beverage industry,” said Alexis Manfré, Naturex global product manager for Turmipure Gold®. “We’re looking forward to partnering with our customers to create exciting new products as the possibilities are truly limitless!”

Formulated for easy incorporation in food and beverage applications, Turmipure Gold®, also available in organic certified grade, provides instant water-dispersibility, a low effective dose, neutral taste, and appealing color. It has also demonstrated great stability of curcuminoids to heat and light, including in beverages.

Visitors to Natural Products Expo West (March 3-7 in Anaheim) will be able to experience Turmipure Gold® in several food & beverage applications at the Naturex booth #735.

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