Naturex specializes in scientifically proven natural ingredients for health, wellness and nutrition. This year, the company will use its SupplySide West Booth #4459, to showcase the versatility of its super-bioavailable turmeric, Turmipure Gold®.

The 100% natural ingredient overcomes the bioavailabilty challenges traditionally associated with turmeric. A single capsule containing 300mg of Turmipure Gold® delivers the same amount of curcuminoids to the blood as 1922mg of standard turmeric (containing 95% curcuminoids).

Turmipure Gold® is instantly water-dispersible, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Turmipure Gold® is ideal for shots that offer health-conscious consumers a daily dose of turmeric while they’re on the go. At SupplySide West, Naturex will be showcasing three different concepts that highlight the product’s versatility in shots.

Liver Detox: A shot with 300mg of Turmipure Gold® to support liver health

Natural Support: A 2.5-ounce shot of highly potent turmeric, which highlights the suitability of Turmipure Gold® in food applications

Joint Health: The “Joint Win Shot” is a convenient 74ml (2.5-ounce) 100% natural shot containing 300mg of Turmipure Gold®. The concept highlights the potential of Turmipure Gold® to support healthy joints in a formula without artificial or synthetic ingredients.

All shots come in on-trend flavors such as lime, pineapple and ginger. They are 100% natural and suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Additionally, Naturex will showcase the benefits of Turmipure Gold® in gummies (100% organic with a lemon flavor) as well as capsules and tablets.


Other Naturex ingredients on show at SupplySide West include AronoxTM, an extract of aronia that delivers heart health benefits. In a recent human clinical trial, subjects taking 500mg of AronoxTM saw significant and immediate improvement in endothelial function. Long-term consumption of aronia also correlated with significant changes in specific gut microbial populations.


Finally, Naturex will be showcasing CereboostTM, a natural solution for cognitive performance which is proven to improve working memory and attention.