Deep Indian Kitchen, an Indian food brand operating across natural and conventional grocery stores, debuted three new frozen Indian meals. The new frozen Indian meals – Chicken Vindaloo, Butter Chicken, and Chicken Korma – further expand the brand’s frozen CPG line while diversifying its range of spicy to mild savory food offerings. 

Mintel International Food Trends Survey recently reported 60% of international food eaters are seeking spicy and savory flavors. Overall, international flavors have led a 20% cumulative annual growth rate in new food & beverage launches from 2013-2017, largely driven by the 87% of millennial consumers eating the cuisine according to a Technomic Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report. Deep Indian Kitchen’s new range of spicy-to-mild savory chicken entrees is well-timed in answering this growing demand from millennial foodie consumers. 

The brand’s authentically prepared Indian food features a flavorful range of spice and spiciness along with clean label ingredients. The Chicken Vindaloo recipe packs the most heat with its hot, tangy sauce that is simmered for hours and served with turmeric basmati rice. Often on the menu in Indian restaurants, the Butter Chicken recipe features a smoky, luscious sauce with medium level heat and is served with cumin basmati rice. Finally, the Chicken Korma recipe is a mild, nutty coconut-based sauce accentuated by the brightness of green cardamom and tamarind served with cumin basmati rice.

Staying true to tradition, all Deep Indian Kitchen frozen entrees are prepared in small batches with layers of flavor intricately added during a time-intensive cooking process and thoughtfully made without any artificial ingredients.