Popcorn Indiana introduced four new and improved flavors of popcorn, with more taste and flavor, using all-natural ingredients, while still being a healthy snack choice. The reformulated flavors include Kettlecorn, Black & White Drizzlecorn, Movie Theater Butter and Aged White Cheddar.
The new and improved Kettlecorn is a mix of sweet, salty and crunch. Popcorn Indiana combines popping corn, a pinch of salt and pure cane sugar. The result is a thin layer of salty sweetness surrounding every bite of wholegrains. The enhanced flavor is made from only four simple ingredients: popcorn, oil, salt and sugar.

Black & White Drizzlecorn
Popcorn Indiana's fastest growing flavor, Black & White Drizzlecorn uses the new Kettlecorn as its base and then it's drizzled with rich dark and white chocolate compound made from real cocoa. Drizzlecorn contains 140 calories per serving.
Movie Theater Butter
Company esearch showed that consumers wanted 50% more butter in their butter popcorn. The new and improved Movie Theater Butter popcorn has a savory taste of freshly popped popcorn tossed in real butter, with even less calories than the previous recipe (140 calories per serving in the new Movie Theater Butter; 170 calories in the previous recipe).
Aged White Cheddar
When enhancing the flavor of its Aged White Cheddar, the team at Popcorn Indiana sourced the cheese directly from aged Wisconsin white cheddar cheese. Each light and fluffy popped kernel is sprinkled with Popcorn Indiana's own proprietary blend of cheese. The new formula contains double the cheese.