Lavva, the plant-based foods brand known for its rich Pili nut yogurt, is expanding into the milk alternative industry, which is expected to reach $21.52 billion by 2024. The Lavva Plant Milks launched nationwide exclusively at Whole Foods Market. A Plant Creamer introduction will follow in October. As the category's first Pili nut-based line, Lavva's new Unsweetened Plant Milk, Chocolate Plant Milk and Unsweetened Plant Creamer are a cleaner, more sustainable alternative to dairy and set a higher standard for plant-based alternatives.

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All three SKUs are ultra clean and made with the same three base ingredients: coconut water, filtered water and Pili nuts. The products are made with zero added sugar, and Chocolate is sweetened only by dates. The Unsweetened Plant Milk and Chocolate Plant Milk are priced at $5.49, with the Unsweetened Plant Creamer priced at $3.49. Lavva's new Plant Milks and Creamer deliver a superior creamy texture and smooth taste thanks to the impressive nutritional profile of the Pili nut, the lowest carb and highest fat nut on the planet.

Grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil found in Southeast Asia, the Pili tree has been wild harvested for centuries. Pili nuts need nothing more than rainwater to sprout and grow, making them naturally sustainable. Wild Pili trees actually prevent soil erosion and restore the land disrupted by nearby volcanic activity as well as encourage the process of natural pollination without the use of chemicals.