"Scotty," a 30-year food industry veteran, food scientist, nutrition expert, pastry chef and developer, launched his own brand, a line of feel-good keto foods called Scotty's Everyday. 

Scotty's Everyday keto baking mixes are an answer to the stay-at-home movement, which has resulted in the return of home baking: those who are ambitious enough are trying their hand at making fresh baked loaves of bread from scratch. At the same time, many are looking for ways to improve their health and lose weight by reducing carbs and gluten on the ketogenic diet. Many of these people are simply cutting bread out of their diet all together.  

Using his food science, baking, and nutrition backgrounds to test dozens of different recipes over the course of six months, Scotty finally came up with his first introduction to the Scotty's Everyday baking mix line. His Keto Bread Mix contains zero net carbs per serving, a gluten-free and non-GMO recipe, and no nut flours. 

Scotty designed the recipe to be a mix that people could easily make at home, citing the warm feelings and fun activity of baking fresh bread as something that many with special diets or sensitivities have had to forego.

When creating the product, he considered a strict keto diet. Certain elements that might seem minor on an ingredients list or nutritional facts panel can actually knock someone out of ketosis (the metabolic state in which the body runs out of carbohydrates and burns fat for fuel). Scotty chose every ingredient, from the resistant tapioca starch to the recommended oil, with keto needs in mind.