Botanical Benefits

Flume Formulas LTD, San Francisco, debuted with a new line of botanical supplements to give athletes pre-workout energy and focus, post-workout recovery support, and restorative sleep.

Varieties include FLOW Pre-Workout, with nootropic and adaptogenic plants, electrolytes from coconut water and Himalayan sea salt; BASK Recovery, including adaptogenic and soothing plants, electrolytes from coconut water and Himalayan sea salt; and DRIFT Sleep, including adaptogenic and calming plants, along with essential minerals.

Flume was co-founded by Dr. Taryn Forrelli, CEO and product formulator. A naturopathic physician, Forelli also was Head of Product at Olly Nutrition, leader in gummy vitamins and supplements. She says Flume’s focus on plant-based ingredients and wellness comes in “stark contrast to the sports-nutrition industry’s obsession with measurable performance and reliance on synthetic ingredients.”

“In formulating the products, I was inspired by the research showing that key chemistries in plants may support the brain chemistries believed to be at the heart of the ‘flow’ state,” she says. “It is well established that caffeine enhances dopamine signaling in the brain, so I included a caffeine-containing botanical from the Amazonian rainforest called guayusa in our FLOW pre-workout formula to support energy and focus. Another botanical, galangal, commonly known as Thai Ginger, has similarly been proposed to exert its clinically studied effects on mental alertness through the dopamine pathway. Then there is maca and cacao, which contain compounds that preclinical suggests supports anandamide. The ingredients make for a product experience you can really feel.”

FLOW, BASK and DRIFT supplements are available individually for $44.99 (Drift is $39.99) or as a bundle for $114.99 at


Apple Cider Vinegar

Garden of Life LLC, Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., partnered with actress, author, and health advocate Alicia Silverstone, to co-create a line of certified USDA Organic, Non-GMO Project Verified, vegan and gluten free Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies under the mykind Organics brand. Officials say the offerings all feature acetic acid and ingredient blends to promote immune system health, aid digestion, boost energy, and support weight management. 

Specifically, the line features an Original Organic Apple Cider Vinegar version with vitamin B12 and organic fruit. The line’s Probiotic Gummies deliver 2 billion CFU of clinically studied probiotics for digestive and immune support. Energy Gummies feature vitamin B12, a patented organic coffee berry extract and organic green tea. Diet Gummies feature apple cider vinegar and a patented organic green coffee bean extract.

"We believe in the wisdom of nature, and when we saw apple cider vinegar rising in popularity, we knew we could address this market with truly clean, scientifically formulated and innovative formulas designed to help our consumers reach their goals." said Brian Ray, Garden of Life president.

mykind Organics Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies can be found online at Garden of Life’s website, and in retail stores nationwide, including Whole Foods Market.



Tea: Better Brews

Healthy Beverage LLC, Doylestown, Pa., partnered with Whole Foods to debut new a ready-to-drink line of Steaz Antioxidant Brew Yerba Mate. Steaz also announced the rollout of Steaz Antioxidant Brew Tea, a new brew of tea with a redesigned look and “cleaner” formulation.

Steaz Antioxidant Brew Yerba Mate features antioxidants from yerba mate and coffee berry. Officials say it “boasts the highest level of caffeine in the category with 165mg in every can, and packs in delicious flavor and powerful antioxidants, with half the sugar of the current market leader.” Varieties include Golden Mate, Peach Please and Mint to Be.

Brand officials note that sales of ready-to-drink yerba mate were up 21% year over year to $153 million, according to SPINS data for a period ended in November 2020

Meanwhile, officials say new Steaz Antioxidant Brew Teas represent “a refresh” of Steaz Green Tea with ingredients that resonate with the brand’s core consumer. Steaz says it removed ingredients such as inulin and erythritol. Steaz Antioxidant Brew teas feature liquid brewed green tea combined with acerola cherry for added antioxidants.

All Steaz Antioxidant Brew Tea flavors will offer 65mg of caffeine per serving. Additionally, the teas are made with Fair Trade, Non-GMO and certified organic ingredients. There are 12 varieties including two new flavors: Unsweetened Green Tea and Unsweetened Peach. 



Functional Chocolate

The Functional Chocolate Company LLC, Evergreen, Colo., introduced a line of four Functional Chocolate bars for women. Initially, Functional Chocolate bars will address the four most cited conditions: Rhythm Chocolate for premenstrual syndrome, Carefree Chocolate for stress and anxiety, Hot Chocolate for menopause symptoms, and Sexy Chocolate for low libido. 

"Women face unique health concerns, many of which continue to remain underserved by traditional wellness and nutraceutical approaches," says Chris Peruzzi, COO and formulator, The Functional Chocolate Company. "Combining chocolate with active nutraceuticals creates an indulgent and especially effective experience, as the natural healthy fats in the chocolate act as a carrier to improve bioavailability of the other ingredients, and of course, it makes it more likely that customers actually consume it regularly for their best desired individual effects and benefits."

Sexy Chocolate comes in a Natural Champagne & Berry Flavor and contains botanicals, vitamins, amino acids and a patented natural fenugreek extract. Rhythm Chocolate comes in a Natural Ginger Snap Flavor and includes botanicals, vitamins and a patented saffron ingredient. Hot Chocolate comes in a Natural Vanilla Crème Brûlée Flavor and includes botanicals paired with a blend of herbs clinically shown to reduce hot flashes by 65%. Carefree Chocolate comes in Mellow Mint Truffle Flavor with herbs, L-Theanine and a natural form of γ-Aminobutyric acid (GABA).

All Functional Chocolate Company bars are made with Fair Trade 60% cacao from a cooperative of South American farmers. Crafted in the USA, the bars are 100% plant based, vegan, dairy-free, Non-GMO, cholesterol and gluten-free, the company says.