Chobani took the sugar out of milk to make Chobani® Zero Sugar* with only natural ingredients.
To create Chobani® Zero Sugar*, Chobani starts with a milk that's been filtered to reduce naturally occurring sugar. From there, Chobani uses natural fermentation methods that allow yogurt cultures to consume the remaining sugar. Chobani then adds natural, non-GMO sweeteners with tastes like monk fruit and allulose.
Sold nationwide at grocery and retail stores this summer, Chobani® Zero Sugar* has only natural ingredients, 60 calories (per 5.3oz), and zero sugar. With 60% fewer calories than representative lowfat yogurt with fruit according to USDA FoodData Central.1  Chobani® Zero Sugar* is for the health-conscious consumer seeking natural alternatives to sugar. It is lactose-free, an excellent source of protein, and contains six live and active cultures including probiotics.
Chobani's latest innovation comes as the food maker's growth in the yogurt aisle has outpaced the category. In the last 52 weeks, the total yogurt category's US dollar sales have increased 2.2%, while Chobani's growth over the same period was 8.7% in Nielsen US Food channels2.
The Chobani® Zero Sugar* platform includes 5.3oz single-serve cups in Vanilla, Mixed Berry, Strawberry, and Blueberry at a suggested retail price of $1.49, 5.3oz 4-packs available in Vanilla and Mixed Berry at a SRP of $4.49, and 32oz multi-serve in Vanilla at a SRP of $5.49.
Chobani also launched Greek Yogurt Mango & Cream, a collaboration with UNSTUCK™ to help refugees find jobs.
UNSTUCK, an initiative from the Tent Partnership for Refugees, aims to help people who have been forced to flee their home countries. Chobani and Tent, which Chobani founder Hamdi Ulukaya started in 2016, believe that once a refugee gets a job, they stop being a refugee.
The collaboration drives jobs for refugees by sourcing mango from suppliers committed to employing Venezuelan refugees. People have fled Venezuela to escape violence, political repression, and economic collapse. With over 5.6 million Venezuelans forced to leave their country, this has become one of the largest refugee crises in the world3.
Chobani® & UNSTUCK™ Greek Yogurt Mango & Cream is sold nationally in 5.3oz 4-packs at a listed suggested retail price of $4.29.
*Not a low-calorie food based on FDA regulations

1 Chobani® Zero Sugar*: 60 calories per 5.3oz; lowfat yogurt with fruit: 150 calories per 5.3oz (Source: USDA FoodData Central)
2 Source: Nielsen US Food, Latest 52 weeks ending 5/8/2021
3 Source: Regional Inter-Agency Coordination Platform for Refugees and Migrants from Venezuela (R4V)