Sundays, a zero-sugar creme cookie, founded by entrepreneur Jody Polishchuk, launched nationwide. The brand debuted with its first flavor, Cookies & Creme, which resembles the classic but contains no sugar, 7g of protein, no sugar alcohols, and only one net carb. Sundays Cookies & Creme Cookie variety is available on for $35.97 (three boxes).

With the launch of Sundays, the brand looks to introduce consumers to its zero-sugar cookies, with more flavor drops and innovation coming in 2023. 

Founded by Jody Polishchuk in 2022, Sundays is a cookie brand that is recreating your childhood favorite cookies & creme cookie. Sundays was created after Polishchuk realized the low-sugar movement was taking over every category…except cookies. Years in the making, Sundays tested out a myriad of recipes, ingredients, and flavor profiles to ensure they had the best ingredients and taste possible.