Voyage Foods, helmed by a dynamic team of food scientists on a mission to accurately and sustainably recreate the world's favorite foods, will be launching its first product—peanut butter (made without peanuts)—to consumers this fall, followed by chocolate without cacao and coffee without the coffee bean in 2022.

Using patent-pending technology, Voyage Foods is transforming natural ingredients, such as seeds and grains, into nutritionally identical versions of the world's beloved foods, effectively solving food supply issues to make consumables accessible and available for future generations.

The impetus for Voyage Foods to tackle such commodities as coffee is as much about environmental sustainability as it is about the health and welfare of the world's laborers. For this reason, Voyage Foods makes its products using crops that are both efficiently and widely-grown, alongside upcycled ingredients like grape seeds from wine production. The result is a more affordable and sustainable alternative to products such as traditional chocolate and coffee, which are currently grown in climate-change endangered regions, contribute to deforestation, and are steeped in harmful, inhumane labor practices.

Tenney joined Voyage Foods in 2019, with a background in product and process development in food consulting, private label, and startups. She received a degree in food science at Purdue University followed by a Master's degree at Penn State University focused on food chemistry and sensory science.

Voyage Foods is already backed by top venture capital funds, including Valor Siren Ventures and Horizons Ventures, and is about to close double-digit Series A funding led by several notable investors within the next month.