Good old-fashioned peanut butter and jelly is the focus of a new school foodservice line of products designed to fuel students with protein-rich products that remind them of home. The Tyson K-12 division recently introduced Whistlin’s Sam’s™ individually-wrapped peanut butter and jelly solutions for schools. With Kid Tested, Kid Approved™ taste, this nutritious line of whole grain sandwiches and pre-portioned dipping cups are ready to thaw and serve for the ultimate convenience. 


“We’re really excited about this product,” said Gary Hamm, Marketing and Food Service Director for Tyson Foods. “It’s a classic—it’s hard to find a kid out there who doesn’t like peanut butter and jelly. Parents can feel comfortable too knowing that it’s made with whole-grain breading, contains zero high fructose corn syrup, and meets all federal nutrition standards. It’s a win for everyone.” Made with creamy peanut butter and classic grape jelly, the sandwich comes individually wrapped making it easy for students to grab as they go through the lunch line. This protein-rich product is a classic twist that has been Kid Tested, Kid Approved™, with nearly 92% approval from the same kids who will enjoy Whistlin’ Sam’s in their own cafeterias.

Tyson Foods is ahead of the curve in providing more nutritious meals to students, producing whole- grain breaded foods as well as products with reduced sodium and fat. In fact, 96% of the products the company provides the school lunch program already meet the USDA’s initial requirements of the new standards. Tyson employs a nutrition team includes registered dietitians and operates The Discovery Center, a research and development facility that enables the company to collaborate with customers – including school foodservice operators – on new and improved products.