Voyage Foods, a company working to recreate foods that face a range of environmental challenges using food science, proprietary technology, and natural ingredients, announced its national in-store retail launch across major grocers including Sprouts Farmers Market, Fairway Market, Gourmet Garage, Mar-Val Food Stores, and Nugget Markets.

Voyage Foods' nationwide retail debut furthers the brand's mission of securing the future of our favorite foods and proves key buy-in from respected retailers. Sprouts Farmers Market will debut Voyage's Peanut-Free Spread as part of its Forager Program in November 2022.

Many foods face uncertain futures for a range of health, environmental and humanitarian reasons. These issues are further compounded by the fact that grocery inflation is at an all-time high in 40+ years, with 95% of US households changing their purchasing habits to account for increasing prices. Voyage Foods' products are made to be enjoyed by consumers looking for more accessible, sustainable, and cost-efficient foods that are better for people and the planet, without compromising on taste.

Voyage Foods' physical retail launch begins with its Peanut-Free Spread, a roasted seed spread that offers the rich flavor of traditional peanut butter, without the nuts. With food allergies on the rise and 85 million Americans altogether avoiding the top 9 allergens in the foods they buy, Voyage's Peanut-Free Spread meets consumers where they are so they can safely and affordably enjoy the taste they know and love.

Voyage Foods' Peanut-Free Spread will debut on shelves at 350+ Sprouts Farmers Market locations at an introductory price of $3.99 per 16oz jar, and at other retailers starting at $4.99.