Ragsdale joined Idaho Milk Products as the milk fat commercialization manager. Ragsdale’s focus will be to further explore commercial opportunities and expansion of their milk fat sales. Before coming to Idaho Milk Products, he most recently managed a portion of business for a regional coop buying and selling bulk milk and dairy solids, helping to optimize their facilities and farmer/owners' business.

Tracy Sheehan recently joined the Idaho Milk Products team as a sales manager. Sheehan brings a wealth of product development, clinical studies, ingredients and dietary supplements sales knowledge and expertise, having worked with privately owned and multi-national companies. Before coming to Idaho Milk Products, he was with Phytonutrients Global, LLC., Casa Luker USA, Inc., Freeze Dry Ingredients, Inc. and Solvay USA Aroma Performance Ingredients, Inc, bringing over 16 years of sales experience and expertise to Idaho Milk Products. Sheehan’s duties include sales strategies, developing and maintaining customer relationships and actively building new business with potential customers.

Rhonda West came to Idaho Milk Products most recently from Arizona where she had been with ExhibitOne Corporation and lived for 25 years. West brings with her experience in building customer relations and supporting sales in various industries. Her role with Idaho Milk Products will be lead sales support manager, ensuring a consistently high standard of sales support management, logistics support and customer service.