Earnest Eats®, creator of superfood breakfasts and snacks, launched a revolutionary product for foodservice and coffeehouse operators: Smashed Avocado, in Naked Smash flavor, made simply with seasoned and smashed avocado. A fast and easy way to serve fresh avocado toast without the hassle, Smashed Avocado is made with whole chunks of real Hass avocados that are simply seasoned then smashed and flash freeze-dried to lock in freshness. The ground-breaking new product makes it easier than ever before to have ripe avocado spread on-hand, regardless of the season, for a variety of quick serve dishes, including avocado toast, sandwiches, a salad topper, guacamole and more. Just add water, mix, and spread for creamy avocados.

At about $1 per serving, Earnest Easts Smashed Avocado is an economical, easy, and waste-free way to add this fresh ingredient to any menu. Each bag contains 18 servings and is resealable to preserve freshness. Smashed Avocado is also keto-friendly, non-GMO, and gluten free, making it ideal for foodservice operators seeking to increase their menu offerings to cater to the health and wellness consumer.  

Sourced fresh from the farm, Earnest Eats Smashed Avocados pack all the nutrition of avocados including vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Not only are avocados nutrient-dense they are sugar and cholesterol free, and contain significant fiber (about 3g per serving), which provides a feeling of fullness with fewer calories.

Available both in a large-size 5.3oz foodservice pack at about $16 wholesale price delivered, with approximately 15 servings (about $1 per serving cost), and soon also in a consumer retail pack at about $9.99 SRP, 1.7oz and with approximately five servings.