Innovative wellness brand, BROC SHOT, launched in the US with its revolutionary line of broccoli sprout powder shots. Using the planet's most powerful antioxidant, sulforaphane from within broccoli sprouts, these shots are an effective, efficient, and convenient solution for beauty, body, and brain.

Broccoli sprouts contain the active compound, sulforaphane, of any vegetable – 50-100x more than mature broccoli – and consumption in the form of powder is an effective and convenient format for powerful results. Sulforaphane is clinically proven to fight free radicals that cause cell damage and premature aging, detoxify the body from pollutants, stabilize and strengthen the gut barrier to enhance immunity and normalize bowels, and improve and support brain function.

BROC SHOT differs from existing sulforaphane supplements as it is made from 100% whole broccoli sprout powder to yield 15mg of 100% natural sulforaphane (equal to 10 pounds of raw broccoli). The shots come in a sleek, industry-first format with a patented dosing cap to ensure the highest efficacy. The cap keeps the powder separate from the filtered water, as the powder is activated, producing sulforaphane when combined with water and cannot be pre-mixed. To activate, you just push down the cap, shake, and take the shot. 

BROC SHOT's packaging was sustainably designed based on the cradle-to-cradle philosophy, with the entire life cycle of the product in mind. In partnership with global recycling solution, Terracycle, BROC SHOT has built a seamless upcycling program that turns used bottles into long-use products, such as playground equipment and school desks. Each order includes a pre-paid shipping label to ensure that there is no cost and little effort for consumers to recycle the packaging, helping to keep the empties out of waterways and landfills. The bottles are also BPA-free and phthalate-free and have no foil seal to ensure complete recyclability. 

BROC SHOT is available in three specially formulated flavors including: Original, Pineapple + Mint, and Ginger + Lime exclusively on starting at $49.99 for a 10-pack ($4.99/shot) and $134 for a 30-pack ($4.49/shot). They also offer a risk-free monthly subscription model for 10% savings.