Lactose-Free Options
Organic Valley, La Farge, Wis., introduced two premium lactose-free organic creamers in French Vanilla and Sweet Cream flavors. Officials say the products also contain 40% less sugar than the leading flavored creamer brand, as well as no artificial ingredients.

"We know consumers today are drinking more coffee on a daily basis and looking for premium products that can up-level their at-home beverage experience," said Minh-Quan Huynh, Organic Valley senior brand manager. "Most creamers on the market are higher in sugar and come with a laundry list of ingredients, so we know consumers will love that the new richly-flavored Organic Valley Creamers are lactose-free, have a smooth, creamy taste and no artificial ingredients – perfect for enhancing a beloved morning coffee or favorite afternoon tea."

New Organic Valley Creamers are nationally available in 24.5oz container at a SRP of $4.99-$5.29.

Plant-Based Nutrition, Flavor
Califia Farms, Los Angeles, greeted January with two new plant-based milks and two plant-based creamers.

“Califia provides plant-curious consumers with a broad array of delicious and versatile plant-based beverages,” said Suzanne Ginestro, chief marketing officer at Califia Farms. “As we work to create a future where plants replace dairy without compromise, these newest products offer even more opportunities for consumers to experiment with plant-based options, delivering on the taste, textures, and nutritional expectations consumers have for occasions typically involving dairy.”

Ginestro says new Zero Sugar Oatmilk provides the taste of regular oat milk with 0g of sugar per serving. It’s also an excellent source of calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D. New Oat + Almond Plantmilk Blend combines the creaminess of oat with taste of almond. At 60 calories per serving, it contains half the calories of leading regular oat milks. It’s an excellent source of calcium, vitamin A and vitamin D.   

Califia’s new creamers varieties are Cookie Butter Almondmilk and Cinnamon Roll Oat.

The new plant milks have an MSRP of $4.19, and the plant-based creamers have an SRP of $4.59. They’re available nationwide at retailers including Kroger, Target and Whole Foods.

Growing Line
Chobani LLC, New Berlin, N.Y., continues to expand beyond yogurt. New offerings include Chobani Ultra-Filtered Milk, a lactose-free, protein-packed ultra-filtered milk; and Chobani Half & Half.

Chobani Ultra-Filtered Milk is lactose-free and has more protein than the market leader, the company says. It also has half the sugar and 2.5 times more protein than traditional milk. It’s available in Whole, Reduced Fat 2%, Fat Free, and Chocolate varieties.

Chobani, maker of dairy-, oat- and plant-based coffee creamers, now adds new classic Plain and Lactose-Free Half & Half options. Each incorporates farm fresh milk and cream, the company says.

Formulated for Kids
Last December saw PlantBaby, Kauai, Hawaii, introduce Kiki Milk, a certified organic, dairy-free milk for kids.

Kiki Milk comes in Original and Chocolate varieties in shelf-stable, 8oz cartons. Co-Founders Alex and Lauren Abelin say the product includes oats, sprouted pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, and coconut. It also features a supplier’s trademarked “omega-rich” blend that includes and plant-based calcium and protein.  Conversely, Kiki Milk does not contain seed oils, gums, refined sugars, natural and artificial flavors, or common allergens such as soy or gluten.

Officials say PlantBaby’s 2022 expansion plans include additional varieties of Kiki Milk in both 8oz and 32oz formats. Kiki Milk is now available for auto-ship or one-time purchase on

Premium Partners
The a2 Milk Company, Boulder, Colo., joined The Hershey Company to develop and launch a co-branded Hershey's/The a2 Milk Company chocolate milk.

Hershey's a2 Milk, using 2% reduced fat a2 Milk, debuted in January in 59oz refrigerated cartons as well as in 8oz shelf stable single, six-pack and 18-packs.

A2 officials say the company’s milk comes from cows that naturally produce only the A2 protein—rather   than the combination of A1 and A2 proteins contained in most dairy products. Published research suggests a2 Milk that naturally contains the A2 protein may help avoid stomach discomfort in some people.

"This new chocolate milk is the latest example of how we are expanding The Hershey Company in to expanded better-for-you categories," said Ernie Savo, senior director of global licensing, The Hershey Company. "Partnering with The a2 Milk Company not only aligns us with a brand that is synonymous with quality and rapid growth but also selling a product that is a staple in almost every family's refrigerator. It's an excellent co-branding opportunity that we expect to yield strong results."