Organic Valley launched premium organic Creamers, available in French Vanilla and Sweet Cream flavors. At-home baristas now have a new creamer option with 40% less sugar than the leading flavored creamer brands, contains no artificial ingredients, and is lactose free.  

The new Flavored Creamers include all-organic ingredients, and that means real dairy from cows that are raised without antibiotics, toxic pesticides, or added hormones. Consumers can feel good about choosing Organic Valley Creamers because they are ethically made with real organic milk and cream from pasture-raised cows on small family farms.

The rich flavor will enhance any coffee or tea beverage without overpowering it, the creamers can be added to ice cream, candy, and drink recipes. 

The new Organic Valley Creamers are nationally available in 24.5 oz/750 ml for an SRP of $4.99-$5.29.