Lycored, a global leader in lycopene and beta-carotene derived color and taste-enhancing ingredients for food and beverages, will be showcasing its range of super-stable red, orange, gold and yellow hues and real food ingredients at this year’s Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Expo in Chicago.

Offering a unique solution for sodium and sugar reduction to help support cleaner and healthier ingredient and recipe strategies for prepared foods, Lycored’s taste-enhancer, SANTE, will be in action at booth #S0625 with samples of plant-based meatballs offering 40% reduced sodium and cheese, pizza sauce offering 50% reduced sodium and sugar, and barbecue sauce with a 20% sugar reduction, 30% sodium reduction and 100% removal of starch due to the addition of LycoFibers.

There will also be a tasting opportunity of a smoothie beverage with tropical-earthy flavors highlighting SANTE’s ability to elevate and enhance flavor and its versatility for use in savory and sweet applications.

“The idea of wellness is fast becoming a dietary staple and a trend driving much of the food and beverage industry’s natural, clean label recipe innovation.'' said Tammi Higgins, Lycored’s SVP Product and Applications.

Adds Higgins, “Behind this innovation, our portfolio of color, taste and texture enhancing ingredients, naturally derived from lycopene and beta-carotene, lead the way with proven performance and versatility across food and beverage applications. We look forward to welcoming all interested in finding solutions to their toughest color and taste challenges, to the Lycored stand.”

Lycored’s cast of super-stable colors including ResoluteRuby™, ConstantCrimson™, ResilientRed™, SteadfastScarlet™, OrangeOvation™, GoldHold™, and StellarYellow™ will also be center stage and on display at booth #S0625 in various applications (water-based beverages, UHT dairy, plant-based meats, gummies, and veganaize plant-based spread) to demonstrate their offer of visual appeal with superior stability.

Made from natural lycopene and beta-carotene extracted from the company’s own tomatoes and strand of Blakeslea trispora, Lycored’s colorants are formulated to be pH, light, and temperature independent throughout even the harshest processing and storage conditions, providing food and beverage manufacturers with naturally derived solutions for a wide variety of stable coloration possibilities.

Visit booth #S0625 to find out how Lycored’s color, taste and texture solutions can help elevate your food and beverage formulations.