New Wave Foods, a leader of sustainable, plant-based shrimp, recently appointed co-founder Michelle Wolf as the company’s full-time CEO. Wolf’s passion for food sustainability was her key motivator in co-founding the brand. Today she continues to drive the company’s mission to produce products that will reduce the impact on our overtaxed oceans.

In the short time she’s been in her new role, Wolf has had a string of successes, including the launch of a smaller sized unbreaded plant-based shrimp for broader menu application, a pre-breaded plant-based shrimp as a labor-saving solution, plus enhancements to the core New Wave Shrimp® product including a reformulation to use exclusively Natural and Halal ingredients. With a focus on continuous innovation, Wolf is championing product and production improvements that will allow New Wave Foods to match the needs of chefs, the preferences of consumers. All to better supply the growing demand for sustainable seafood alternatives.

Wolf is an active thought leader in the food industry, sharing insights on consumer demand for plant-based innovation and more sustainable menu options. She has recently been a featured panelist at the IFMA President’s Conference, IFMA Chain Operator Exchange (COEX) events, and the Food Innovation and Investment Summit.

Made from sustainably sourced mung bean and seaweed extract, New Wave Shrimp combines the craveable taste, texture and bite of ocean shrimp with a longer shelf-life, quicker mess-free prep time, and is an allergen-free addition to the kitchen.

Under Wolf’s leadership, New Wave Foods has launched a bold new campaign to the foodservice industry designed to educate operators that sustainable plant-based seafood is A BIG S#R!MP*N’ DEAL and that their patrons really do GIVE A S#R!MP about the environment, the oceans, and sustainability on the menu. This attention-grabbing messaging took center stage in their booth at the 2022 National Restaurant Association Show in Chicago this past May.

An accomplished engineer, Wolf holds an M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, where she also received her undergraduate degree. Wolf was recognized on Forbes’ 2021 Food & Drink 30 Under 30.