Remedy Organics, a producer of award-winning plant-based functional beverages, unveiled its newly elevated packaging and ready-to-drink immune supporting Wellness Shots. The updated products are now available in a more convenient shelf stable format, which are offered in four varieties: Heal, Protect, Energize and Digest.

Heal - the super immunity shot featuring ginger, turmeric, lemon, and prebiotics
Protect - the immunity and defense shot featuring elderberry, ginger, cayenne, and prebiotics
Energize - the immunity and energy shot featuring Japanese matcha, ginger, L-Theanine, and prebiotics
Digest - the immunity and digestion shot featuring apple cider vinegar, ginger, cayenne, and prebiotics

Focused on a holistic approach to optimal health, Remedy Organics' Wellness Shots are centered around providing immune support and include additional functional ingredients that have been shown to boost energy, aid in digestion, metabolism, and support the body's natural defense. Remedy Organics' Wellness Shots are bolstered with ingredients such as elderberry and ginger for immune support, turmeric for inflammation, cayenne for metabolism, Japanese matcha for energy, and prebiotics for gut health. 

The available four SKUs are also formulated with certified organic ingredients, contain 150% Vitamin C, and are all rich in Vitamin D and Zinc. The updated packaging features vibrant colors, which highlight the key functional ingredients and benefits.