In recognition of its breakthrough status as the first plant-based bacon to harness techniques providing the genuine flavor and texture of bacon, Thrilling Foods Bakon™ has been awarded a US Patent, with other US and international patents pending.

Thrilling Foods’ patent specifically covers its proprietary use of “protein bound fat” streaks that alternate with ultra-lean meaty layers, and their use of the natural umami flavors found in proteins. Thrilling Foods unites those elements with a traditional salt and smoke cure to provide the taste and texture.

Over an 18 month period of COVID lockdowns, lifelong cook and culinary innovator David Jones created Bakon™ — the first low carbohydrate, high protein, plant-based bacon. Jones’ patented technique alternates lean protein with fatty streaks, allowing it to render and fry in its own fat like conventional pork bacon. Available at the Thrilling Foods website ( and in a fast-growing number of health and premium markets, Bakon™ stands out from other plant-based bacon alternatives in several ways beyond just its protein and fat structure.

Bakon™ contains ingredients that provide a 100% complete and healthy protein for plant-based diets. These ingredients include non-GMO soy milk; RSPO-certified sustainably-harvested palm oil (no deforestation); yeast extracts; sea salt; maple syrup; citric acid; black pepper; and natural food colors from radish and paprika. Thrilling Foods has also developed a breakthrough protein structure that holds the zero cholesterol fat within the protein structure, releasing it during cooking from the outside in, much like the way animal fats are released during cooking.

Bakon’s traditional flavor and texture are not only winning over plant-based eaters, but meat-eaters as well: 75% of all consumers surveyed at a Portland area Farmers Market— including both meat eaters and vegetarians—agreed that the new product’s taste and texture is somewhere between an 80% to 100% match to pork bacon, and over 66% of repeat Bakon™ buyers self-identify as omnivores.