Kemin Industries updated its website with a new webinar titled: “Proteins: Overcoming Quality and Manufacturing Challenges,” located in the company’s Food Technologies section.

The complimentary webinar provides insights to improve meat and poultry quality with clean label solutions. Kemin Food Technologies – North America experts discuss industry trends and challenges, as well as solutions to increase yield and product quality without negatively impacting formulation or manufacturing cost.

“Raw material insecurity, labor shortages and increased logistical costs have led to unprecedented challenges for manufacturers of clean label, high-quality proteins,” said Courtney Schwartz, Marketing Director, Kemin Food Technologies – North America. “Our webinar discusses the current state of the industry, while offering solutions to help manufacturers extend yield and reduce overall formulation cost. With our clean label solutions, Kemin can help brands enhance quality and keep meat and poultry products safer and fresher for longer periods of time.”

This “Proteins: Overcoming Quality and Manufacturing Challenges” webinar offers manufacturers several key takeaways, including:

•  Manufacturing challenges facing the industry today
•  An overview of post-pandemic effects on consumer behavior and trends
•  Product quality challenges affecting meat manufacturers
• How clean label solutions improve quality and yield in proteins

“Moisture and protein loss are inherent during the typical manufacturing process, said Bill Fielding, Business Director, Kemin Food Technologies – North America. “Proteus®, a line of patented functional protein ingredients from Kemin, offers processors a way to retain moisture and protein loss, ultimately improving the texture and flavor while meeting label and formulation cost targets.”

Watch the webinar, “Proteins: Overcoming Quality and Manufacturing Challenges Post-2020,” at

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