Kemin Industries added a new infographic highlighting its Proteus® line of protein solutions for meat and poultry products.

The infographic appears on Kemin’s North American Food Technologies section of the website. It’s designed to help manufacturers improve the quality and yield of meat and poultry products with Proteus, a functional, clean label ingredient solution that, depending on a manufacturer’s label goals, is effective with or without phosphates.

Despite the rising popularity of plant-based protein, meat still reigns supreme, with a majority of the population still consuming traditional meat products. According to marketing intelligence agency Mintel, 90% of consumers self-identify as meat-eating, and 94% of consumers report having eaten a form of animal protein in the last six months.1 Healthy eating also continues to be a substantial consideration among consumers, with most citing all-natural and no additives/preservatives as the most important factors when purchasing meat.

“Consumer demand for clean labels continues to push meat and poultry manufacturers to find alternatives for phosphates and other less-desirable ingredients,” said Courtney Schwartz, Marketing Director, Kemin Food Technologies – North America. “Our infographic shares some of the latest consumer insights and highlights our line of Proteus functional ingredients that can help manufacturers achieve a clean label along with a multitude of cost-saving benefits. Proteus makes it possible to meet in-demand label claims and reduce input costs, while also improving product quality and yield.”

The Kemin infographic gets to the “Meat of the Matter” with consumer insights and showcases why Proteus is an ideal clean label solution to improve meat, poultry and seafood products. These benefits include:

Improved bite and natural texture of protein – Compared to products that use phosphates or other yield-enhancing additives, Kemin’s Proteus technology provides a juicier product with a natural taste, appearance and feel.

Allergen-free and reduced sodium labeling – Proteus can improve cook yields with reduced sodium contribution, compared to sodium phosphates or high levels of salt, offering an alternative to traditional fillers often labeled as allergens, including soy.

Increased yield and reduced purge – Clean label solutions from Kemin help retain moisture throughout the entire processing and cooking process, leading to a purge reduction and increased cook yield for better plate coverage.

Longer holding times – Proteus makes it possible to retain moisture for longer periods, even under harsh foodservice conditions such as over-cooking, heat lamp usage, rewarming and more.

Proteus products are protein specific and efficacious in a variety of whole muscle and processed applications such as beef, pork, poultry and seafood.

Download the Proteus infographic.

1Chychula, Adriana. (2022). US Protein Report: Meat and Meat Alternatives Market Report. Retrieved from Mintel. 

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