Farbest Brands is transforming its organization to support investment in new product lines and ingredients—specifically in proteins, hydrocolloids, and emulsifiers.

“Today’s food and beverage industry is rapidly innovating,” said Daniel M. Meloro, Farbest’s President and Chairman. “We’re focused on taking Farbest to the next level.”

Central to this growth strategy is Michael Sutich, who was recently promoted to Director of Business

Development. He’s tasked with adding new product lines and supply partners.

Expanding Proteins, Hydrocolloids Portfolio
Farbest is already known for its robust portfolio of plant and dairy proteins, gums, natural colors, sweeteners, and more to meet customer needs.

“Right now, we’re looking for the next big thing,” Sutich said, “especially with a concentration in novel plant proteins, emulsifiers, and hydrocolloids.”

Farbest also is known for its thorough and personalized approach. This includes sharing technical expertise and guiding customers to the right ingredients for their budget, flavor, or nutritional needs.

“We have decades-long relationships with both our suppliers and our customers,” said Meloro. “We’re looking forward to building more of those long-term relationships as we grow into new spaces.”

Partnering with international suppliers presents a unique opportunity to drive value, according to Sutich.

“We’re very interested in international partners who want to enter the U.S. market,” he added. “Because we’re experts at that – introducing new ingredients and new companies to the US.”

Growing Technical Relationships
Supporting Michael will be a Technical Sales Manager, a new position responsible for heading up an expanded team of technical experts to communicate between customers and suppliers.

“We already have the in-house expertise to spot the trend before the trend for our customers,” Sutich said. “Now, as we continue to grow the team, we’re able to provide an even more seamless communication experience between customers and suppliers.”

Looking Towards the Future
Ultimately, Sutich is excited about the changes at Farbest as they support new growth and opportunities.
“We’re ready for the future,” Sutich said.

About Farbest Brands
Since 1955, Farbest Brands has manufactured and delivered food and nutrition ingredients to North American companies from ethical suppliers from around the world. Farbest offers a full range of clean-label, high-quality dairy and plant proteins, gum acacia, vitamins, vitamin pre-mixes, sweeteners and natural colors, as well as organic ingredients, as well as market insights and formulation guidance for their customers.

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Farbest Brands, Marketing and Media Manager
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