REBBL®, an organic and plant-based functional protein beverage brand, announced its first move beyond 12oz ready-to-drink beverages with the launch of Smoothie Starter™, a category-defining multi-serve line created for ultimate convenience and functional nourishment.

Smoothie Starter™ could transform morning rituals, offering consumers an organic and convenient base to create nutrient-dense smoothies in seconds. With just the simple additions of ice, fruit, or greens, users can quickly and seamlessly blend up a protein-packed and gut health-supporting smoothie to fuel their day.

Offered in Coconut Milk and Oat Milk liquid base varieties, Smoothie Starter™ delivers 20g of plant-rich protein to kickstart the day and features amplified benefits through postbiotics to support gut health. Postbiotics, produced by probiotics, help contribute to a balanced digestive system.*

Functional ingredients to support overall well-being, key Smoothie Starter™ benefits include:

- Certified-organic
- 20g of plant-powered protein
- Postbiotics (from Bifidobacterium longum) for gut health and digestion support
- Zinc for immunity support (20% DV)
- Offered in Coconut Milk and Oat Milk bases
- Makes approximately four smoothies per 32oz bottle
- Just add ice, fruit, or greens and blend

Smoothie Starter™ is available this month at Target and Sprouts nationwide for $9.99.