Squier's Specialty Elixirs has launched GO-Time, a solventless hash rosin, THCV-infused elixir paired with yerba mate.

The product is rolling out now at partnering dispensaries in Massachusetts and Maine.

The GO-Time Elixir (THC:THCV) features a new Squier’s flavor, White Peach Apricot, in a formula that includes caffeine. Each bottle contains 40 mg solventless hash rosin, 40 mg THCV, and 200 mg of yerba mate. THCV is known for its energy-boosting properties, and yerba mate naturally contains caffeine and antioxidants. This blend was formulated to provide a smooth boost of energy and focus throughout the day. Fast-acting and water soluble, Squier's signature emulsion process provides onset effects in 5 to 15 minutes.

“Squier’s expanded into Massachusetts in early 2024 and we are excited to introduce a new flavor and formulation to both New England markets,” said Zack Squier, chef and founder of Squier's Specialty Elixirs. “The delicate sweetness of white peaches merges seamlessly with the juicy richness of apricots, and is complemented by the energizing infusion of THCV and Brazilian yerba mate.”

To celebrate summertime and the new product launch, Squier’s created a delicious drink recipe, an infused White Peach Bellini.

“The pocket-sized, GO-Time Elixir can be added to sparkling or still beverages, offering a quick, uplifting consumption option,” Squier said. “Folks are able to customize their dose and enhance beverages wherever they are this summer season, while also boosting their mental clarity and vitality.”

All of Squier’s elixirs are made from scratch with 100% real fruit, pure organic blue agave, fresh squeezed citrus, and solventless live hash rosin. They are vegan and gluten-free.

Existing flavors include:

  • Blueberry Lemon
  • Raspberry Lime
  • Mandarin Mango
  • Pink Pineapple
  • Sleepy Time Blackberry Lavender (THC:CBN:CBD)

The GO-Time Elixir retails at $25 for a 2-oz. bottle. Pricing is dispensary dependent.

The new product, as well as the full range of elixirs, are available for purchase in-store at cannabis dispensaries throughout Massachusetts and Maine. Massachusetts partners include Zaza Green, Stem Haverhill, New Dia and more. Current Maine dispensary partners include East Coast Cannabis, Silver Therapeutics and Nova Farms, which will also offer GO-Time on their Massachusetts menus.