Vireo Growth Inc., formerly Goodness Growth Holdings, Inc., announced that it changed its name, effective June 25.

The company anticipates, pending final regulatory approval, that at market open on or about July 8 its subordinate voting shares will begin trading as "Vireo Growth Inc." under the ticker symbol “VREO” on the Canadian Securities Exchange and under the ticker symbol “VREOF” on the OTCQX Market in the United States.

The name change will not affect the rights of the company's shareholders. There will be no consolidation of capital associated with the name change. Shareholders will not be required to take any action in connection with the name change. Issued certificates representing subordinate and multiple voting shares in the capital of the company will not be affected by the name change and will not need to be exchanged.

“As we have previously discussed, our name change to Vireo reflects a return to our roots and focus as a cannabis industry operator,” said CEO Josh Rosen. “We are proud of the Vireo brand name and its importance in our heritage and believe Vireo appropriately reflects our corporate identity to all stakeholders.”