Sargento announced third-generation family owner Mike McEvoy's retirement from his position as executive vice president of operations at Sargento. Sargento has also shared news of Kristi Jankowski's retirement from her long-held position as executive vice president of innovation. On the heels of these two esteemed colleagues' retirements, chief executive officer Louie Gentine has appointed Michael Pellegrino to chief operating officer.

Combined, McEvoy and Jankowski bring more than 50 years of exceptional contributions to Sargento. They will continue to provide strategic counsel by staying on as advisors to the senior leadership team through the end of the year.

McEvoy joined the family-owned cheese brand in 1997. Over the years, McEvoy has held a variety of positions at Sargento, including Trade promotion manager, marketing manager, vice president of sales, president of food ingredients division and has led the operations team since 2013. As part of the third generation of the company's family ownership, McEvoy has overseen more than $600 million of capital expansions while demonstrating care and compassion for the Sargento Family of employees.

Jankowski has been with Sargento since 1999. Under her leadership as EVP of innovation the past 14 years, Jankowski and her team have generated almost $3 billion in revenue for the company while enhancing its reputation as a category-leading innovator. Jankowski and her team have earned the prestigious Nielsen Breakthrough Innovation award for Sargento Ultra-Thin Slices® natural cheese, Sargento Balanced Breaks® and Sargento Balanced Breaks ® Cheese & Crackers. She led the company's Idea Center where Sargento employees can share their ideas that aid in the development of intellectual property. This program has generated numerous patents and trade secrets; developed technical  capabilities for the company and Sargento employees.

Michael Pellegrino joined Sargento in 2009. During his tenure he has held various executive positions including his most recent role as president and chief growth officer. In his newly appointed role as chief operating officer, Pellegrino 's expanded responsibilities will include leadership for the business units (consumer products and food service & ingredients), operations, innovation, sales, supply chain and strategic planning. During his tenure, Michael and his team have accelerated the growth of the Sargento brand to become a national market-share leader in the retail cheese category. He has also led best-in-class integrated marketing campaigns that have made Sargento one of the most recognized brands in the dairy case.