Michigan-based butter is launching THC-infused honey produced in collaboration with Bees in the D and Hunna. 

This limited-edition product is a love letter to the retailer's home state through the use of local ingredients and charitable initiatives. Launching on Oil Day, July 10, the product will be available exclusively in butter retail stores.

butter is known for producing spreadable edibles that transform how consumers interact with cannabis. Containing live rosin produced by Hunna and 200 mg THC, the honey gets its sting from butter's Breath Mints flower grown in Flint. The honey is provided by Bees in the D and sourced from both Palmer Park and Blake's Farm.

Bees in the D is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to restoring bee populations in Michigan. The organization harvests honey from 200-plus hives located in the metro Detroit area. Their approach to beekeeping is gentle, sustainable and promotes the longevity of the bee population. This collaboration directly gives back to butter's native Michigan, with $1 from every jar donated to bee preservation across the state.

As part of this initiative, butter will also begin stocking Bloomer plantable wax tip cones in all retail locations. The cones feature a fully biodegradable filter tip with a proprietary wildflower seed mix, made only of noninvasive wildflower species that complement the ecosystem. These seeds also help combat depopulation in honeybees, butterflies and other pollinators by providing them with necessary sources of pollen to help fuel them on their journey.

The infused honey retails for $45 and will be exclusively available at butter's Berkley and Ann Arbor retail locations.