Silicon Valley-based Mattson, a food and beverage innovation firm, announced its first chief artificial intelligence officer Steve Gundrum, who also serves as chairman of the board. Gundrum, who’s been leading the development of new tech-and-trend-driven innovation services at Mattson for 36+ years said, “The arrival of AI changes everything. It will be used to enhance our holistic innovation approach, from strategy and insights to ideation, concept development, product development and commercialization.” 

Mattson has been providing innovation services for over four decades. All engagements leverage the real intelligence of this highly experienced team. The team’s real intelligence, RI, is now amplified with AI. It’s the power of RI+AITM. 

Gundrum has spearheaded the evolution of the company’s signature ideation service, ProtoThink™ AI. This collaborative innovation platform is a cloud-based approach that enables clients to partner with Mattson innovators to explore more ideas quickly, and enable the identification of bigger ideas through the use of specialized AI models created for each engagement. For dispersed and global teams, ProtoThink™ AI virtual ideations are a powerful platform to identify big ideas, faster.  

Food Studio Ideation, another signature service for over 20 years is a collaborative, hands-on work session that with AI-enhancement has proven itself able to generate more, and better ideas than previous iterations of the process.

“It’s not unusual for us to generate 100 fully-formed concepts each with a real-food example, in a day. With this technology as our thought partner, we’ve upped the game of ideation significantly,” said CEO and chief technology officer Justin Shimek. “With more AI enhanced services coming soon.”

AI-powered market insights can unlock deeper and faster understanding of consumer behavior at a fraction of the time and cost of legacy techniques. Mattson’s advanced AI models can analyze billions of consumer behavior data points, through a food optimized lens, delivering insights into preferences and trends. The AI taps into a vast array of sources, from blogs, social media, scientific papers, and recipes, to provide rapid intelligence on consumer needs and perceptions. “This enables our clients to develop better informed ideation strategies, enhance competitive analysis, and drive more effective innovation,” according to Gundrum. Using AI in this way results in a new level of insight and creativity.

To introduce the food industry to the power of Mattson AI capabilities, the company will be hosting events, including a primer on why AI for food innovation makes so much sense, how it works, and a hands-on trial of Mattson’s ProtoThink™ AI, in which guests will be able to create a new food or beverage concept.


Thinking Bigger & Faster with Mattson AI
September 10th, 6pm, Mattson HQ in Silicon Valley
October 1, 6pm, Mattson in Chicago