Certainly, I am not the first to bestow this wish upon you, but here it is nonetheless. Happy New Year, sirs and madams!

2012. Let's say it together, "Twenty Twelve." There is a rhythm in the pronunciation of this year. It's inherent, it's fluid, it's subtle yet it is clear, this Twenty Twelve.
The ease with which this year rolls off the tongue suggests to me that if we allow it, our Twenty Twelve can be one that invites us to behave in sync with our individual natures. If we break from custom and mimicry, then perhaps what makes us us, what makes us loved and respected by family, friends, peers and colleagues will have the chance to spring to the forefront of our behavior and practice.
What seemed insurmountable in 2011 -- what an awkward thing to say, Two Thousand Eleven -- becomes a task executed, cleaned, mortared and set.
Build what you will in Twenty Twelve, and build you will. Hard work somehow achieved effortlessly.

You've got just shy of twelve months to pull it off because 2013, well... Oh, hogwash. Who gives credence to any of this nonsense anyway?

And now, right on time for New Year Resolutions, a collection of articles to assist you in the formulation of new products that consider weight management.

There are two schools of thought when it comes to weight loss diets: some say it is all about calories, while others say it is more about what you eat.

In a survey by Pollock Communications, responses from more than 200 RDs in their network were tallied to identify the top 2012 nutrition trends for consumers and food companies.

Teens may be more inclined to reach for plain old H2O when they know how many calories were in sugar-sweetened beverages, according to a new study led by researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

National grocery chains such as SUPERVALU, Wal-Mart, Roundy’s Supermarkets and ALDI have come onboard to bring fresh fruits, vegetables and meats to communities that have had limited to no access to these important foods.

Eating protein-rich foods, especially dairy products, protects bones when overweight or obese young women try to shed weight through dieting, suggests a new study.

Cellulosic Hydrocolloids in Formulating for Weight Management 
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