Folks, in my last entry I introduced my childhood friend Sherwood Day. What I failed to mention is that he recently moved into my subdivision and consequently began dragging me to academic lectures and silent movie marathons. I like learning about the concept of infinite universes just like the next guy. And yes, I'm thrilled that a movie like The Artist is making a splash at the Oscars.
But my dear friend Sherwood brings an obsession to these interests that could make the most pickled drunkard as sober as a chipmunk in the crosshairs of a cat's claw.

He calls, he texts, he sends calendar reminders all to confirm that an appointment is still on. He specifically uses the word confirm.
"I'm calling to confirm..."
I want to ask, "What are you confirming, Sherwood? That I remember we are to meet this afternoon? Because I do. You've peppered me with reminders in all forms of media. And I must say, this latest oral reminder points to a lack of confidence on your part in my ability to keep an engagement."

Truth be told, I can never absolutely confirm. I can confirm that I've received messages, and I can confirm that I fully intend to rendezvous, but the only way I can confirm beyond doubt is to arrive at our meeting place. When I'm there, I can confirm I'm there. But even then, we may not have the opportunity for exchange. On my way across the room to greet you, I may sprain an ankle and only see you in the periphery as I'm carried off by a group of patrons to a nearby Urgent Care.
Bah! Chaos!

And now, your weekly reduction, this time centered on the subject of dairy foods...

Probiotics are bugs known to promote health, but only some are able to survive the harsh environment of the human digestive tract.

A 2011 survey by market researchers at the NPD Group revealed butter pecan edged out strawberry as the third most popular flavor in the U.S., based on annual sales.

Researchers from China have found the dietary calcium from dairy and other foods is superior to calcium supplements when it comes to weight management in women.

Overweight and obese premenopausal women who increased dairy food and protein intake during weight loss regimens developed improved markers for bone formation and decreased markers for bone degradation.

Probiotics: No R&R for R&D
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Dairy Proteins
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