Just the other day, a colleague mentioned to me that I had something called Negative Capability. My immediate response was that I am no more pessimistic than any other human being, nor do I have the capacity for additional negativity. I then I shouted, "Now run from here, young soul! And do not linger on subjects so thin for we have but a short time to live, and when we are done living then we and everything we know, are flattened to oblivion."

He responded with, "See, that's exactly what I mean!"

With some searching, I've found the origin of the phrase stemming from Romantic poet John Keats. 

This concept of Negative Capability is precisely a rejection of set philosophies and preconceived systems of nature. Keats here advocated an acceptance of what we know about the world as necessary being limited, and he urged us to avoid analyzing, rationalizing, or categorizing the world. He demanded that a poet be receptive rather than searching for fact or reason, and to not seek absolute knowledge of every truth, mystery, or doubt.

"Just go with it," seems to be the mantra of he who embodies Negative Capability. Don't get caught up in the details. Facts? Well those are relative aren't they?


Facts and details, structure, form. These are what make sense of the world. These are fundamental to an understanding of concept and theory.

Suddenly, I take offense to my colleague's assertion. Negative Capability. My head is not in the clouds! It is here, firmly knotted to the mountains of research you seek.

Here it is, neatly organized, your weekly reduction...

Since 2007, dressings and vinegar launches have been on the decline. Global dressings and vinegar introductions went from 1,281 launches in 2007 to 1,233 in 2010.

In terms of leading companies, Nestlé and ConAgra have done a good job of keeping much of this business for themselves, with nearly two thirds of all frozen meals sales.

Avesthagen Limited announced completion of a landmark project for the development of AvestaDHA(TM) -- a vegetarian source of DHA (docohexanoic acid) omega-3 essential fatty acid based on an innovative approach using naturally occurring microalgae.

With the emergence of new technologies, consumers are becoming very demanding--especially in the world of beverages. They want it all.

Legislation and heightened consumer awareness are leading to something of a revolution in the cereal aisles, as particular focus has been directed at the sugar and salt levels of certain breakfast staples.

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Bisulfate of Soda — Natural Acidulant

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