My dears, I cannot tell a lie. I am sitting in a celestial garden as I write. The edge of its round borders are marked by arcs of solid concrete to be used as benches or as places to lie down should a wave of laziness overcome garden-goers. I am sitting, though I must tell you that I would love to stretch out on my back.

I am not stricken with fatigue, but I am keen on observing the bird perched on a branch above my head. He calls in short, high-pitched song tipping forward as he does so. I've stared at him in short stretches by leaning backwards and craning my neck, but truly I should lie down to observe the nuance of his behavior.

However, I am mindful of appearing as a degenerate to those passing by. I do not want a child to ask its parent why she cannot enter the celestial garden only to have the parent say in a hushed tone, "Because that man is sleeping in there, " and then much louder, "in the garden that is supposed to be for all of us!"

So, I sit here with an aching neck and endless questions about the bird above. I'm afraid I will never know the answers.

That said, here are some for you...

Articles about the development and formulation of soup products...

Campbell's Soup said it would begin removing BPA from its most popular soups, though it did not set a time frame.

When supermarket shoppers reach for a frozen, canned and/or refrigerated soup or side dish, they expect more flavor and better texture with less in the way of such things as fillers and additives.

Soup is not a category that springs to mind as fast-moving and dynamic; however, beneath the vast exterior of the $4+billion market, there are significant sector shifts.